According to Greek mythology, Daphne was a beautiful nymph, associated with fountains, wells, springs, and other types of freshwater bodies. Trying to escape from Apollo, she was transformed into a laurel tree. Laurel is an evergreen tree, native to Mediterranean regions.


Daphne is a collection of trays, expressing the structure and delicacy of vegetable tanned leather. The tray is constructed with two layers of vegetable tanned leather and given form by hand, before waiting 24 hours in water, as if bathing in the wells and springs of nymph Daphne.


Taking its inspiration from bay laurel leaves, the bordering leather knitting decorates the tray, amplifies the storage function and strengthens the standing base.


Daphne is a design made collectively by Uniqka design team. Originally, the tray was designed and made by Koray Aris, many years ago using sole leather and wet-forming technique. Kerem Aris and Merve Parnas interpreted the original design by constructing the tray with two layers of leather and adding the leather knitting as decoration and as well to form the storage borders.


Having two sizes, Daphne is offered in nude and brown leather, with contrasting knitting colours.


Uniqka Design House




Ø: 24cm H: 2cm Ø: 34cm H: 2cm


24 April 2019