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Contrast is a collection of storage units and is a versatile object for everyday use.


Created from two contrasting pieces of leather: the hard, thick piece serves as the base, while the soft, thin piece is placed on top of the base to form the sleeve. Contrast may serve as a storage unit thanks to the bottom's rigidity. By folding or just wrinkling, the user can define the height and form of the product in a variety of combinations for different settings.


The base of Contrast is handcrafted with the eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather and hand-stitching binds the base to the soft, delicate leather used in the top part.


Contrast can be used in a wide range of settings including the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or office thanks to its charm and utility. Contrast offers a unique approach as a storage, whether used for plants, toiletries, bottles, food, or everyday items.


Contrast is available in two sizes and two colorways. The flexible upper part comes in mink leather, where the sturdy leather base is available in black or cognac brown.




  • Debbie Wijskamp