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Daphne is a tray, expressing the elegance, structure, and delicacy of leather.


In addition to serving as a place mat on a classy dining table, Daphne may serve as a valet tray in any room at home or at work.


Daphne is a beautiful and functional tray with a simple yet meaningful shape and exquisite leather knitting. The special bordering leather knitting decorates the tray, amplifies the storage function, and strengthens the standing base.


Daphne is handcrafted with two layers of the eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather. The exquisite, twisted leather knitting defines the borders of the tray and delivers a fascinating appearance.


Daphne is available in nude and brown leather, with contrasting knitting colors and in full black leather version.

DAPHNE large

  • Uniqka Design House