KORAY ARIS portre 2
Koray Ariş

Koray Aris is a sculptor. He studied sculpture at Istanbul National Academy of Fine Arts. After his graduation in 1968, he went to Italy and became a student of Emilio Greco, fellow sculptor and professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. After seven years, he returned to Istanbul in 1975 and established his atelier, where he has been continuing his works. His works have been displayed in many exhibitions and biennials in Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Egypt and Turkey.

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Jacob de Baan

Jacob de Baan is a Dutch creative professional with more than 25 years of experience in product design and visual communication. He has a track record as an art director and project leader for companies and institutions in developing processes of new corporate identities. This includes defining core values, selecting design agencies, preparing briefs, as well as providing communication and marketing principles. Among his clients are Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Pols Potten and Heinen Delfts Blauw.

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Bilge Nur Saltik portrait
Bilge Nur Saltik

Bilge Nur Saltik’s intent is to incorporate culture with contemporary design. Turkish-born Nur’s practice, Studio Bilge Nur Saltik was established in 2013, shortly after receiving her master’s degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.

At Studio Bilge Nur Saltik today, each product emerges from a powerful narrative and is fueled by an interest in human behavior and human interaction with objects. Nur seeks to engage and invigorate viewers and users of constantly. With products and projects spanning across multiple design disciplines and mediums, Studio Bilge Nur Saltik molds timeless materials such as glass, ceramic, stone, wood, fabric and now leather into a new life.

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Cara_Davide 400x400

CARA \ DAVIDE, design studio based in Milan, is a collaboration between Cara Judd (South Africa) and Davide Gramatica (Italy). Graduating in product design from IED Milan, Cara and Davide started their professional careers in diverse areas ranging from apprenticing with artisans to working with industrial companies before merging their experience in 2016. They work in the fields of product design, event curation and offer creative consultancy to studios and private clients. Cara and Davide both lecture in the Product Design Department at IED Milan. Passionate about craftsmanship, they also produce their own series of products working together with artisans in Italy and South Africa.

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Merve Parnas portrait image
Merve Parnas

Merve Parnas is one of the duo behind Uniqka. Following her graduation from Marmara University, Business department, she had business experience in retail, merchandising and luxury brands. She has a very good eye and intuition for aesthetics and quality. She does a lot for Uniqka, mainly with her contribution in marketing and communication, research, craftsmanship and product design.

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Debbie Wijskamp Portrait
Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie Wijskamp studied Product Design at the University of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. After her graduation in 2009 she has been operating her design practice. She designs and produces her own collection of handmade interior products and other objects. As well she designs for companies and brands. In 2016 she opened her new studio and shop in Arnhem. She runs short courses from her workshop and gives guest lectures at art universities. Her work can be found in various collections around the world.

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Isabel Quiroga portrait
Isabel Quiroga

Isabel Quiroga was educated as a carpenter before she studied at the ‘Academie Beeldende Kunst & Vormgeving’ in Enschede, The Netherlands.  She has been nominated by ‘imm Cologne’ for the Innovation Award and for her design The Low Lands she received the Applied Arts Award. Her focus is fixed squarely on the purpose of a product, but through her innovative slant on things she achieves the delicate balancing act of practicality and originality. The designer creates unusual collections that combine vivid imagination and down-to-earth functionality and creates objects that stand out in form and function.

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Kerem Aris portre 1
Kerem Ariş

Kerem Ariş is a self-taught designer. After nine years of corporate experience, he followed his dream. He combines the know-how and technique that he learned from his father, with traditional leathercraft methods and industrial techniques. He is the creative director of Uniqka. He designs for the brand and is as well a craftsman.

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