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"The magic in handicraft is that each unique second spent in the making of a product is preserved in the DNA of that product. And that makes the product unique."

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Kerem and Merve, the visionary creators behind Uniqka, are not only founders but also skilled artisans, personally crafting every Uniqka product alongside their skillful, passionate, and high-spirited team in their workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. Their collaborative efforts not only ensure the exceptional quality of each piece but also reflect a shared commitment to delivering products that increase the quality of life, embodying the spirit of creativity and authenticity that defines Uniqka's approach to design. 

Kerem Aris & Merve Parnas

The Uniqka team, a dedicated collective of artisans, is characterized by each member’s exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity. From the initial conceptualization to the final finishing touches, the team engages in a creative dialogue that merges individual skills into a harmonious symphony of craftsmanship. Their spirit fosters an environment where creativity flourishes, and every team member plays a crucial role in the creation of each piece that leaves our workshop.

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At the core of Uniqka's values is a commitment to an eco-conscious philosophy. Kerem and Merve are dedicated to sourcing materials responsibly from the best local craftspeople, ensuring that every creation aligns with sustainable practices. The workshop itself operates with a mindful approach, incorporating eco-friendly practices that reflect their commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint.

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Within the walls of the Uniqka workshop, a collaborative spirit thrives. Kerem and Merve work hand in hand with designers from across the globe who contribute to Uniqka with their unique designs. This collaborative approach not only enriches the diversity of Uniqka's offerings but also fosters a global creative exchange, resulting in a collection that is as rich in cultural influences as it is in craftsmanship.


Every Uniqka creation is a collaborative piece, combining the expertise of the dedicated team members in the workshop, the unique visions of global designers, and the enduring commitment of Kerem and Merve to create consciously crafted, timeless pieces that carry a unique story.

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