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Koni lamp is made of a single sheet of leather, that is woven into a solid conical shape.


Traditionally the weaving of leather was used for both decoration and reinforcement of the material. After weaving, a flexible and soft material became sturdy enough to be used for more constructive purposes like for instance making baskets or durable seating and backrests for chairs. The designer, Romy Kühne decided to use this technique both creative and constructive to create a lampshade from this single sheet of leather.


Having a circular leather pattern that's partially woven into an archetypal conical lampshade, Koni lamp draws its inspiration from the traditional weaving technique. The partial weaving and visible joinery with brass studs show clearly how the shade is made and display the love for the making process.


Koni is offered in three color options and two sizes. The lampshade is available in brown, black or navy blue and the brass studs have three finishing alternatives: chrome, gold and black. Having nine combinations to choose from, Koni is a minimalist, modern lampshade that can adapt various living spaces.


Steel, Brass and Leather


Ø: 28cm H: 19cm

Ø: 48cm H: 23cm