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Posta is a functional and elegant storage unit. Used by hanging on a wall, Posta brings a creative way to store items. Whether it is used as a storage unit or a decoration, it preserves its appealing look even when not in use.


The designer, Bilge Nur Saltik, was inspired by the envelope and created a storage unit with the same folding logic. Thanks to its structural characteristics, the leather is folded like a paper and given a volume. As a hanging storage, Posta can be used in a variety of living areas. Its utility and versatility enable usage in the office, hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.


Celebrating the excellence, strength, and versatility of leather, the material folds into a three-dimensional form and creates a storage unit. With simple folds and connections, the vegetable tanned leather turns into a structured object, highlighting the unique characteristics of the material. The durable and sturdy vegetable-tanned is folded and connected with tiny brass details that add elegance and warmth to the design.


Having two sizes, Posta is offered in brown, black and navy-blue leather.


With its minimalist design, refined look and neutral colors, Posta brings utility, warmth and elegance to any space.




W: 16cm L: 4cm H: 20cm

W: 23cm L: 6cm H: 30cm

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