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Having a storage to hold everything from magazines to firewood, Zin is a multi-functional coffee table. With the help of the leather handle, Zin can be carried to any desired space and a warm cup of coffee can be enjoyed, while reading.


The designer Isabel Quiroga created a piece of furniture that allows the user to move it around easily, so it can be replaced wherever it is needed. The design of Zin is pure and timeless which makes Zin suitable for any surrounding.


In Zin, the combination of two materials define two different functions of the product. Steel creates the table and leather constructs the reading storage as well the handle, which enables the user to carry the product around.


Having both a soft and strong form, Zin is an eye-catching piece for interiors. The graceful form of the product determines its name. The name of the product is coming from Dutch word “Zin”, which means a positive emotion for wanting and liking.


Made of powder-coated steel and thick vegetable tanned leather, Zin is offered in black steel and two color options for the leather; brown and black. The little brass details add elegance to the product, while functioning as the connections for leather and steel parts.


Steel and Leather


W: 30cm D: 25cm H: 55cm