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Baku is designed to hold business cards and notes in a sophisticated way at the workspace.

Baku draws its inspiration from the signature building designed by Zaha Hadid, in Baku, Azerbaijan. Reducing the paper clutter on the desk, Baku offers both an elegant and smart approach to hold business cards and notes. 

The minimal yet fascinating design of Baku brings sophistication to the desk while also emitting the organic feel of the leather. 


The fluid form of the product ensures the sculptural appearance, while celebrating leather as a structure material. Baku is crafted with centuries-old cuir bouilli (boiled leather) technique. Using the shapable nature of leather, vegetable-tanned leather is shaped into a refined form and turned into this exquisite desk organizer. 


Vegetable-tanned leather is the most esteemed type of leather, it is eco-friendly and has an organic feel and higher durability. Vegetable-tanned leather stands the test of time, catches the traces of our lives and ages beautifully. Over time, it develops a unique texture and a strong character.


​Made of fully hand shaped vegetable tanned leather, Baku is offered in two colors: cognac brown and black.




W: 11cm L: 10cm H: 5cm

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