Bellis is a new storage unit for jewelry and accessories: a ‘jewel bed’.


The designer, Bilge Nur Saltik was inspired by the fashionable ruff collars in baroque Europe during late 16thand early 17th century. She wanted to apply this delicate, flower-like pattern to create an object which could be used with the dearest personal accessories, the jewelry.


Bellis combines the gracefulness of leather and the firmness of steel. Folded leather pieces are connected with each other and supported by a steel base and the storage cap in the center. The two steel parts are hand-spun and have powder coated finishing, while the leather bed is created with small pieces of vegetable-tanned leather obtained from the cut-off pieces in the workshop. 


Bellis comes in four colorways. Green and black leather have a dark green steel base, while brown and nude leather have a dark brown steel base.


Steel and Leather


Ø: 14cm H: 4cm

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