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Bellis is a storage unit for jewelry and accessories. We call it a ‘jewel bed’


Bellis has a unique way of holding and presenting jewels. Separately, the looped leather bed and the central metal container provide storage alternatives for jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets while preserving aesthetic harmony.


Bellis is a delightful item for home use in the bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom as well as a lovely choice for retail display. It enhances the well-being of its surroundings while radiating a warm aura. Even when not in use, Bellis is a charming piece of design.


Bellis comes in five colorways. Green and black leather have a dark green steel base, while brown and nude leather have a dark brown steel base. Finally, the navy-blue leather has a tone-in-tone metal base.


  • Bilge Nur Saltik