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Contrast is a collection of storage units, exposing the beauty and elegance in contrast and creating a versatile object for everyday use. The contrast of dark and light, hard and soft, thick and thin, rigid and flexible, traditional and modern…


Contrast brings together advanced leathercraft techniques to create a sophisticated product for a modern living. Made of two contrasting pieces of leather; the hard and thick piece of leather constructs the base, where the soft and thin piece of leather sits on the top of the base and creates the sleeve. Contrast may serve as a storage unit thanks to the bottom's rigidity. The soft texture of the upper part provides interactivity and flexibility. The user can specify the height and form of the product in a variety of combinations for various settings by folding or just wrinkling. The physical interaction between the user and the product brings a sensory experience and delivers love and compassion.


With its charm and utility, Contrast can be used in various settings in the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom or the office. Whether used for storing plants, toiletry, bottles, food or daily objects, Contrast brings a creative way as a storage. 


Contrast is available in two sizes and two colorways. The flexible upper part comes in mink leather, where the sturdy leather base is available in black or cognac brown.




Ø: 17cm H: 27cm

Ø: 23cm H: 21cm

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