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Uniqka Design House

Daphne is a collection of trays, expressing the structure, elegance, and delicacy of leather.


With its simple yet meaningful design, and charming leather knitting, Daphne is an elegant and useful tray. Daphne can be used as a valet tray in any room at home or in the office, as well as a place mat on a classy dining table.


According to Greek mythology, Daphne was a beautiful nymph, associated with fountains, wells, and other types of freshwater bodies. Trying to escape from Apollo, she was transformed into a laurel tree. Taking its inspiration from bay laurel leaves, Daphne's design and knitting surrounding the circle are reminiscent of a laurel wreath, the “crown of laurels”. This special bordering leather knitting decorates the tray, amplifies the storage function, and strengthens the standing base. 


Daphne is handcrafted with two layers of the eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather. Using the centuries-old cuir bouilli (boiled leather) technique, the tray is given its shape. The boiled leather technique starts with leaving the leather in a warm bath of water, as if the nymph Daphne is bathing in the wells and springs. The exquisite, twisted leather knitting defines the borders of the tray and delivers a fascinating appearance.


Having two sizes, Daphne is offered in nude and brown leather, with contrasting knitting colors and in full black leather version.




Ø: 24cm H: 2cm

Ø: 34cm H: 2cm

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