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Magnetiqka is a brilliant solution for putting notes, envelopes, posters and cards to a wall or a cabinet.


Magnetiqka consists of a strong wall magnet combined with an elegant disc of vegetable tanned leather. A thin sheet of steel is hidden inside the leather to create the magnetism. Thanks to the self-adhesive magnet, Magnetiqka can be used on any flat surface.


Designer Jacob de Baan focused on the characteristical beauty and tactility of leather and created a functional and playful product.


With Magnetiqka, the beauty is delivered in its simplest form, the circle. With its genuine beauty and tactility, Magnetiqka is a playful object for every space at home or the office.


Magnetiqka comes in three colorways and is available in packs of two or four pieces. 


Neodymium magnets, Steel and Leather


Ø: 5.3cm

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