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Designed by Jacob de Baan for Uniqka, Magnetiqka is a brilliant solution for putting notes, envelopes, posters and cards to a wall or a cabinet. Thanks to its strong self-adhesive magnet, Magnetiqka can be used on any flat surface and brings warmth and sophistication to the living spaces, together with utility.


With Magnetiqka, leather's distinctive beauty and tactility have been transformed into a useful product. In its most basic form, beauty is presented in a circle. Magnetiqka is a playful and functional design for any room at home or in the office.


The user experience and convenience are strong keywords that contributed significantly in the creation of Magnetiqka. The inspiration behind Magnetiqka was to design a well-made and functional wall magnet. Usually, the wall magnets are used together with a metal board, which needs to be installed on the wall. Magnetiqka eliminates the need for the metal board and brings a novelty for organizing notes, posters, envelopes, and lots of other items with a warm tactility. The self-adhesive magnet is an excellent solution for any flat surface.


Among Uniqka’s prominent values is less-consumption with longevity. By designing Magnetiqka, Uniqka and Jacob de Baan have upcycled cut-off pieces of steel and leather to be used for long years to come. A thin sheet of steel is hidden inside the two layers of beautiful vegetable-tanned leather. With its nice edge finishing this timeless and well-proportioned disc of vegetable-tanned leather is used together with the self-adhesive wall magnet.


Magnetiqka comes in nude, cognac brown and black leather and is available in packs of two or four pieces. 


Neodymium magnets, Steel and Leather


Ø: 5.3cm

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