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Manhattan is a functional and appealing desk organizer, taking its inspiration from the landscape of Manhattan island in New York City.

In an era of high-tech architecture and tall buildings, the designer, Kerem Aris, looked for a way to find beauty with the abstraction of skyscrapers. In Manhattan, the thick leather constitutes the island and the metal cylinders compose the towers. The result: Rising towers on the leather. 


Manhattan’s base is made with two layers of vegetable-tanned leather. This leather base has three slots, where the metal containers fit. The user can customize the arrangement of these cylindrical metal containers. Various stationery items, such as pens, brushes, pencils, clips, and erasers can be stored in these containers of varying heights.

With its sleek form, Manhattan adds sophistication to the desk and allows the user to organize the stationery with joy, while reducing the clutter.

Manhattan comes in four colorways. Black leather is combined with brass, copper or powder-coated black steel, whereas cognac brown leather is paired with powder-coated cognac brown steel option.


Copper/Brass/Steel and Vegetable-Tanned Leather


W: 18cm L: 16cm H: 10cm

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