Plato Collection is a series of trays and organizers in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Designed for organizing everyday objects with serenity, sophistication and bliss, Plato defines a subtle limit with no limits, organizing the infinite options of daily life. The only limits are defined by bold edge colours and the separators made of anodized aluminium rod, providing a fresh and modern appearance.

While blending in with its surroundings and becoming almost invisible, Plato is there to make a peaceful statement by reducing clutter. Enriching life at

home and in the office, Plato can be used anywhere. While entering home,

going to bed, watching movies, reading, working… There is always a right

size to hold anything. Phones, glasses, keys, pens, candles, diffusers, jewelry,

notes, cards, remote controls…

Plato is handcrafted with centuries old cuir bouilli (boiled leather)

technique, using vegetable-tanned leather, an eco-friendly leather tanned with traditional methods.


Available in dark brown and minky beige leather colors, Plato Collection consists of ten different trays in various shapes and sizes.


Leather and Aluminum