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An award-winning series of trays and organizers, Plato Collection comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Plato organizes everyday objects with serenity, sophistication and bliss. Plato defines a subtle limit with no limits.


Plato is there to make a serene statement by clearing the clutter and blending in with its surroundings and becoming almost invisible. 


With ten different trays, there is always a perfect size for remote controls, phones, headphones, glasses, keys, pens, jewelry, notes, cards, candles, and scent diffusers. Having countless possibilities, Plato can be used in any room.


Plato Collection comes in dark brown and minky beige leather tones, with varying shapes, sizes, edge colors and dividers.


Enriching life at home and in the office, Plato can be used anywhere. Round no.03 is ideal for storing jewelry, keys, coins, clips and many other objects.

PLATO round no.03

  • Defne Koz