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Rotonda is a collection of boxes celebrating leather in its essence and as a structural material. Rotonda has a fascinating and outstanding leather lid, doubling as a valet tray. Originally a sinuous vessel, leather adapts, moves, folds and is versatile in the way that it is both strong and delicate, soft and tensile.


With a simple pinch, the thick vegetable-tanned leather is transformed into a sculptural lid and held together by its tensile properties and a minimal double-stitch detailing. These few interventions emphasize some of the unique characteristics of leather. A design with a simple yet charming form is created by exposing the properties of the materials with little interventions. Rotonda's purity and simplicity convey a sense of joy, sincerity, and fascination.


Rotonda is a useful and versatile storage option that can be utilized in a variety of settings, from the bedroom to the office. The leather lid of Rotonda functions as a valet tray for displaying and storing items. Rotonda is completed with a metal container, which doubles as a pedestal on which the sculptural lid is placed.


The container of Rotonda is made of copper or steel sheets with metal-spinning technique. The leather vessel, doubling as the lid completing the box, is made of eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather and completed with hand-stitching. 


Rotonda is offered in large, small and mini sizes.


Handcrafted with finesse, Rotonda is a sophisticated design object, that can be used in any desired environment from the bedroom to the workspace. Even when not in use, Rotonda brings character to the room and elevates its surroundings.


Copper/Steel and Vegetable-Tanned Leather


Ø: 32cm H: 15cm

Ø: 23cm H: 12cm

Ø: 16cm H: 8cm

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