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Rotonda is a collection of holders celebrating leather in its essence and as a structural material. Originally a sinuous vessel, leather adapts, moves, folds and is versatile in the way that it is both strong and delicate, soft and tensile. With Rotonda, the material informs the shape of the holder.


With a simple pinch, the thick vegetable tanned leather is transformed into a sculptural lid and held together by its tensile properties and a few double-stitched detailing. These few and minimal interventions emphasize some of the unique characteristics of leather.


Rotonda is completed with a copper pedestal container on which the sculptural lid is placed. Doubling as a centrepiece, objects can be displayed on the lid and stored in the container.


The collection comes in three sizes and two colorways.


Copper and Leather


Ø: 32cm H: 15cm

Ø: 23cm H: 12cm

Ø: 16cm H: 8cm