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Rotonda is a collection of boxes, having an outstanding lid, doubling as a valet tray. Celebrating leather in its essence and as a structural material, it is a useful and versatile storage option that can be utilized in a variety of settings, from the bedroom to the office.


Rotonda's sculptural leather lid can be used for holding and displaying daily items. A metal container that also serves as a pedestal for the sculptured lid completes Rotonda. Rotonda's purity and simplicity convey a sense of joy, sincerity, and fascination in any desired environment.


Offered in large, small and mini sizes, Rotonda is available in nude, dark brown and green colorways. The leather-lid is crafted with vegetable-tanned leather and the metal is made of powder-coated steel, handmade with metal spinning technique. The interior of the metal container is covered with the leather of the same type. The nude colorway is paired with calming pastel-pink colored metal container. The pale pink, nude color of vegetable-tanned leather is a natural color. This is the color of leather itself and the plant extracts. This natural color evolves into a beautiful, warmer tone over time. The dark brown and green colorways have a tone on tone metal container, providing an elegant appearance.


Handcrafted with finesse, Rotonda is a sophisticated design object, that can be used in any desired environment from the bedroom to the workspace. Even when not in use, Rotonda brings character to the room and elevates its surroundings.