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Within the Silos Collection, a family of low tables emerges, each imbued with its own unique character and charm. From the vegetable-tanned leather legs, offering a tactile connection to the earth, to the tops available in various materials, the collection is a symphony of textures and tones. 


In the design, Milan-based Studiopepe drew inspiration from the Silo structures. Like silent inhabitants of an urban and suburban landscape, the Silos collection recalls these industrial architectures, austere but of great charm and mystery. Pure and sculptural volumes, curved surfaces that live with lights and shadows. The leather covering creates sophisticated chromatisms, emphasizing the clean volumes and the possibility of different material combinations.


Options include sleek travertine, supple leather, warm wood, and refined metal for a touch of natural elegance and tactile experience. Whether in earthy neutrals or bold hues, the Silos Collection offers a diverse palette to suit every preference and interior aesthetic. Like sculptural masterpieces, the collection's pure, curved volumes dance with light and shadow, evoking a sense of poetic harmony.


In three sizes, the Silos Collection unveils its enchanting array of finishes. Blending into diverse environments, be it the serene sanctuary of a bedroom, the inviting embrace of a lounge, or the cozy ambiance of a living room, these low tables enhance the essence of any room they inhabit.


In every silhouette lies a story waiting to unfold, a narrative of refined elegance and timeless sophistication. The industrial-inspired aesthetic seamlessly merges with materials that celebrate nature's beauty, creating a visual style that transcends time and trends.


With a whisper of artisanal finesse and meticulous ingenuity, the Silos Collection extends a heartfelt invitation to wander, enticing an enchanting journey into a realm of grace and elegance. 




W: 30cm L: 30cm H: 47cm

W: 48cm L: 48cm H: 32cm

W: 100cm L: 60cm H: 32cm

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