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Studiopepe, an Architecture and Design studio founded in 2006 in Milan, specializes in luxury retail, hospitality, residential spaces, and product design. Renowned across the globe for its sophisticated and eclectic design philosophy, the Studio adopts a visionary and multidisciplinary approach in all of its projects. These include grand-scale creations in the fields of retail and hospitality, the design of showrooms, boutiques, and fair booths, the study of interiors for private homes, and last but not least, product design. Copious allusions and startling associations characterize the Studio’s signature style, which honors each client’s individuality while lending uniqueness to projects. Marked by an emotional and aesthetic impact that rests on an ideal balance between formal rigor and poetic vision, the Studio’s endeavors pursue an unrelenting quest for contamination – a veritable cross-pollination – between contemporary languages and codes. In the Studio’s work, the unexpected is a constant: the material interplay becomes daring, fields of color express the essence of space, and details transcend the realm of pure ornamentation to weave delicate narrative threads. Since 2018, the Studio has been featured in AD100 among the 100 Relevant Designers of the year.

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