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Zero Collection is a family of pendant and standing lighting products, offered in various materials and finishings.


With its spectacular form and structure, Zero Lamp conceals the light source and emits an ambient, pleasant light bringing coziness to the room. Zero Lamps have an E27 light source. Any E27 light bulb can be used with Zero Lamp depending on the user's preferences. The light bulb can be replaced easily by the user.


With its charming form and the creative use of materials, Zero Lamp adds warmth and intimacy to the space, while making a different statement at each perspective.


Having a powder-coated steel pedestal, the standing Zero Lamp can be used anywhere, on the floor, on a table, bookshelf, or credenza. The lampshade is not fixed to the pedestal, enabling the user to change the angle of the light source and create different atmospheres.


Offered in brushed brass finishing, mirror-polished stainless steel finishing and powder-coated steel finishing, the metal Zero Lamps are hand-stitched with leather cord. Two strong metal sheets are held together with leather hand-stitching. This is a remarkable example of the use of materials in an original and brilliant way. Here, the traditional leather stitching techniques are applied, and the metal is treated like it is a piece of fabric.


The standing Zero Lamp in powder-coated finishing is available in two colorways: a dark grey lampshade, hand-stitched with black leather cord, combined with black pedestal and a beige lampshade hand-stitched with dark brown leather cord, combined with a pedestal in the same beige color.


  • Jacob de Baan