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As a lighting product, Zero Lamp stands out with its form and structure. A single shape of ellipse is cross-connected to create a three-dimensional form. With its eye-catching form and the use of organic materials, Zero Lamp adds warmth to the space.


The product takes its form with cross-connection of two identical ellipses. Ellipses are joined together by hand-stitching, without any other interruption. When stitches are removed the ellipses become flat and return to their original stance. Zero Lamp One (leather version) is stitched with thread and supported by a thin layer of polyacetal inside, to ensure the stability. Zero Lamp Two (brass and steel version) is stitched with leather strap. Both versions are hand-made. Leather version has nude and black colour options, while metal versions come with brushed brass and mirrored steel finishings.


Zero Lamps come in pendant and standing version. Same lamp fixture is used for both versions. Standing version is created with a steel pedestal. The lamp fixture is not fixed to the pedestal, which enables the user to change the angle of the light source. The pendant version is exclusively designed to be hung above a meeting table, dinner table or bedside table. The light source of Zero Lamp is hidden inside the sculptural form and the light comes through a hole which provides ambient lighting. 


Leather/Brass/Stainless Steel



Ø: 33cm H: 16cm

Ø: 46cm H: 23cm


Max height: W: 33cm D: 28cm H: 39cm

Min height: W: 33cm D: 33cm H: 28cm